Text me Merry Christmas

Text me Merry Christmas | Sáng tác: Nhạc Ngoại
[Em] This holiday you'll be far away
[G] And I'll be all alone
[C] So please remember this December
[G] To fully charge your phone

[G] Text me Merry [Em] Christmas, [C] let me know you [G] care
Just a [Am] word or two of [Em] text from you will [C] remind me you're still [D] there
You don't [Em] have to add much to it one [Am] smiley face will do
Baby [G] text me Merry [Em] Christmas cause I'm [C] missing kissing [G] you.

[G] Text me Merry [Em] Christmas, make my [C] holiday [G] complete
Though you're [Am] far from me
Say you'll [Em] brb, that's a [C] text I'll never [D] delete
Choose [Em] just the right emoji one that [Am] makes me lol
And if you [G] text me something [Em] naughty I [C] promise I won't [G] tell

[Em] I don't care if you spell things right
[Am] I just want to hear from you tonight
[D] Stroke those keys with your delicate touch
And [C] type those little words that mean so much!

Mike: Hi
Kristen: Hey
Mike: How are you
Kristen: Ok
Mike: Miss u
Kristen: Miss u too
Mike: Xmas sucks without you
Kristen: I know lol
Mike: Love u
Kristen: Love u 2
Mike: Kthxbye

[Em] A facebook message isn't quite as sweet
[Am] A need more from @you than just a tweet
[D] A snap on snapchat doesn't last.
And [C] voicemail? That's from Christmas past

[G] Text me Merry [Em] Christmas, [C] send a selfie [G] too
If you [Am] do, I'll go 'neath the [Em] mistletoe
And [C] pretend my screen is [D] you
[Em] Show me that you love me text [Am] xo to kiss and hug me
[G] I'll be right here [Em] waiting for my [C] pants to start vibrating

Baby [G] text me Merry [Em] Christmas and [C] I will text you too
This [G] Christmas, it's the [Em] least that we can [G] do [Em] [C] [G]
Từ khóa: text me merry christmas, tmmc, nhac ngoai, this holiday youll be far away

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