Oh Carol

Oh Carol | Sáng tác: Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield - năm: 1958
Intro [C] [Am] [F] [G]

Oh! [C] Carol I am but a [Am] fool
Darlin' I [F] love you tho' you treat me [G] cruel
You [C] hurt me and you make me [Am] cry
But if you [F] leave me [G7] I will surely [C] die

Darling there will never be [C] another
'Cause I love you [Am] so
Don't ever [F] leave me say you'll never [G] go

[C] I will always want you for my sweet heart
No matter what you [Am] do
Oh [F] Carol [G7] I'm so in love with [C] you [F][G][C]
Từ khóa: oh carol, neil sedaka & howard greenfield - nam: 1958, oh carol i am but a fool

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